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C Programming

  • Data Types, Storage Classes, & Scope.
  • Pointers, Arrays, and Dynamic Allocation.
  • Compiler Directives, Pre processor, and Macros.
  • Operators and Expressions.
  • Functions and C Runtime Library.
  • Structures and Unions.

C++ Programming

  • C++ Syntax, Data Types, & Control Flow.
  • Handling Data.
  • Creating & Using Objects.
  • Dynamic Memory Management.
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism.
  • Streaming I/O.

DOT.NET Programming Using C#.NET

  • .NET Framework Architecture.
  • C# Language Syntax.
  • Managing Run-time Exceptions.
  • Using Web Forms & Handling Events.
  • Working with ASP.NET Controls.
  • Designing Master Pages.
  • Managing State.
  • Building Secure Web Sites.
  • Interacting with Databases.
  • Using ASP.NET Data Bound Controls.

Java- Programming

  • Java Language and Syntax.
  • The Java Development Kit.
  • Object Oriented Programming.
  • JavaBeans.
  • Databases and JDBC.
  • Servlets, JSPs, and Tag Libraries.
  • Developing a GUI Using Swing.

SQL Programming

  • Database Design Issues.
  • Data Normalization.
  • SQL Statement Syntax.
  • Modifying Tables with DML.
  • Query Analysis.
  • Table Indexing.
  • Triggers and Stored Procedures.

Web Site Development with HTML/JavaScript

  • XHTML Fundamentals.
  • Developing and Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Building Forms and Tables.
  • DOM (Document Object Model).
  • JavaScript Syntax.
  • Form Validation.
  • Scripting CSS.
  • Event Handling.

SharePoint 2010 Administration and Utilization

  • SharePoint Architecture, Installation and Configuration.
  • Creating and Customizing Lists.
  • Managing Document Libraries.
  • Configuring Content Approval.
  • Adding Sites and Pages to Support Team Collaboration.
  • Adding Web Parts to Pages.
  • Excel, Word, Visio and PowerPoint Integration.
  • Managing Document Workspaces.
  • Implementing Branding with Custom Master Pages.
  • Using CSS to Manage Visual Aspects of SharePoint Sites.
  • Security and User Rights.
  • Active Directory User Profile Synchronization.
  • Backups and Site-Usage Monitoring.
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for Database Integration.
  • Creating Custom Workflows.
  • Working with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio for Custom Development.